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How does it Work?


EFT is sometimes called “acupuncture without needles” and generates its results by balancing the body’s energy meridians while the client “tunes in” to their problem in a gentle, conversational manner. In this way an important link is established between mind and body. It parallels acupuncture, except that needles are not used. Instead, certain meridian points are stimulated by tapping with the fingertips while the client focuses on the issue they wish to resolve. 

A simple way to explain how the EFT strategies work is to use the analogy of a circuit breaker in your kitchen. Once the circuit is over-powered you cannot turn the lights on or get the refrigerator to cool until the circuit breaker has been reset. EFT resets the circuits in a person’s body and mind. 

This acupressure-based healing modality was pioneered by renowned chiropractor, George Goodheart, furthered by medical doctor John Diamond and psychologist Roger Callahan and dramatically simplified and improved by Stanford engineer Gary Craig. With the initial aid of Adrienne Fowlie, Craig developed EFT and made the work elegant, efficient and affordable for almost anyone. Craig deserves the Legion of Honour award for making the work available at little or no cost to millions of people. 

Many people have achieved success using only the 79 page EFT Manual (which is free and can be downloaded from ). More in depth training is available at modest cost through live seminars and EFT’s 57 professional videos. The favourite video of most practitioners is “6 Days at the VA”. It displays full EFT sessions with Vietnam veterans and clearly shows how these hospitalized soldiers (with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) are freed from the horrors of war often in a matter of one or 2 sessions. 

I recently watched Craig demonstrate the value of EFT to an audience of over 350 people. Like many other EFT audiences they were initially sceptical. How, they questioned, could tapping with their fingertips on various acupuncture points bring relief to both physical and emotional pain? Nonetheless, the audience members were soon tapping along with him as a means of bringing relief to their unwanted memories and physical discomforts. 

I witnessed more than 70% report noticeable relief. Back pains subsided, headaches went away and sinus problems vanished. In addition, the unrelenting traumatic memories emanating from war, rejection, rape and abuse were replaced, for most, by a sense of calm. Many of the attendees claimed they were able to eliminate issues that years of conventional counselling had been unable to resolve. To Craig, these results are logical and to be expected. In his words, “Einstein discovered decades ago that physical matter (including the human body) is made of energy. Thus, even though the human body may appear to be solid, its foundation is energetic at its core. This simple fact is one of the most universally agreed upon findings in the scientific world but, to date; it has not been well integrated into western healing procedures.” 

For more details on EFT’s results, visit the EFT web site ( ). There you will find hundreds of cases where physical issues such as migraine headaches, carpal tunnel, lactose intolerance, and strep throat and multiple sclerosis symptoms have gained complete or partial relief through EFT. These case histories serve as an aid for anyone wanting to master the subtleties of this process. 


Four Examples from the EFT Materials 

1.    John was hit over the head with a lead pipe resulting in a metal plate being inserted into his skull. Afterwards he had daily migraine headaches. These headaches were effectively relieved with EFT in short order with the help of New York Therapist Dr. Carol Look. This report is available on the EFT web site in a case history entitled 18 -month migraine headache follow-up. You can read the article at http://www.emofree/cases/migraine/followup/htm


2.    Josh, a 5 year old boy, had ongoing anger and behaviour problems after witnessing his grandmother being accosted by thieves. He was relieved of this problem in one session at an his mother’ delight. This report is available on the EFT web site in an article entitled, Josh: Building rapport with children--anger and behaviour problems. You may read the article at


3.    Ken, a profoundly retarded man with autistic symptoms, was inflicting harm on himself by biting his arms (many scabs and bleeding). Thanks to the creative use of EFT by practitioner, Tom Altaffer, this biting behaviour subsided and his wounds healed. This case history appears on the EFT web site in an article entitled EFT with a mentally retarded patient. You can read the article at


4.    Patricia sought relief for her emotional issues but had no idea that she was also going to achieve relief for her asthma. However, within the first few minutes of her use of EFT she was breathing deeply and freely in a manner that her medications had never provided. She also suffered from low back pain and that, too, subsided within the same session. This full session is included in The EFT training video set known as The EFT Course (see





Dr anil kumar proag

  GOT HER PERIODS.    One of my customers who came for healing was very disturbed as she had not got her period for 3 months. She was sick and angry against her husband for not being careful. They had tried the abortion drug and injection which their doctor has prescibed. After listening to their story I said why not try EFT. I showed her the tapping points, did tapping on her and asked her to do tapping daily. The next day she informed me that she had got her periods.


TOOTH ACHE.     She came to me weeping after extracting her tooth from the dentists. I asked her to relax on the sofa and her tears was flowing. There was blood in her mouth. She was swearing at the dentist of how he roughly pulled her tooth. I just told her to close her eyes and started tapping on her. After a few tapings I saw she fell asleep. When she woke up after nearly an hour she told me all her pain and swellings had gone. 


FAMILY FIGHT. He had a fight with his In-Laws and he was very disturbed. I could feel it from his voice on the phone. I gave him the tapping instruction on the phone and did the tapping on myself together with him. After a few minutes he told me that he was fine and feeling good. Later I came to know he had tried suicide because of in-laws daily intrusion in his life. He is very happy with me for saving his life. And the best part is he thinks I was doing some MAGIC. I am used to Reiki Distance Healing on the phone but this is my first time tapping on the phone. It is really magic and Awesome.


T IGHT JAWS.   She is suffering since a month and she has tried all doctors and pain killers drug. She is my astrology customer. When she came to my office her face was swollen. I did the tapings on her and taught her the basic taping points. She felt immediate relief and then I asked her to continue the tapings at home. Imagine my relief when she called me the next day , said the swellings were gone with the pain and she is feeling very well.  


STRESS AND ANXIETY IN OFFICE.     She was very disturbed and stressed because while coming to office she saw her boyfriend going out with another girl. She was trembling, full of anger and talking fast. I calmed her and asked her to tap with me on the phone after explaining the basic tapping points. After a few tapings she calmed down and later she called me again to thank me of her great relief.

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“When I was made aware of “tapping” through a trusted friend, I was eager to learn and to try. I should mention that I am the original sceptic. When the first words of a round confirmed my fears I wondered ‘how can these work’. Then things started to happen. I became aware of how to resolve a long-standing family disagreement. Then I became aware of how to handle an employee problem. The resolutions just appeared in my mind as a fait accompli so I realized that I had known all along but that “tapping” showed me how. Now I know how fortunate I was in finding Dr Anil proag my EFT Master. His leading words are absolutely perfect, well formed, and the answers to my dilemmas happen naturally. He is a knowledgeable, well trained EFT Practitioner, as well as a genuinely sensitive, compassionate person. I recommend his skills to anyone seeking to understand and resolve current or long term problems. Any pain, sickness, financial and couples problem are solved easily. Dr Anil Proag has solutions for every problem. I love him, Thank you.”  
~Avinash Callichurn, Terre rouge.  


"I was going down a road of confusion, and bitterness, and pain, and darkness, and this Dr PAM (ANIL PROAG) literally saved my life. This person who works with Angels and Guides has solutions for any and all the problems " – Esha.. Bank manager.


"This is probably the most relaxing and rejuvenation 3 days I've had in years after my PAST LIFE REGRESSION. I feel completely renewed, like I am ready to take on the world." Dr Pam(Anil k Proag), thank you. 2 hours at 8000/- was worth it --Paul ...AUTHOR  


"Since the day I finished MY WEIGT LOSS TREATMENT, I have felt absolutely more energized, more focused, younger than I have in many years. I lost about 13 lbs. which I've kept off, I have more energy, I wake up more easily, I stopped taking Ambien sleeping pills" --Frank ...Flight Attendant  


Thank you so much for guiding me to make the right decisions in choosing my career and getting admission to the University. Faisal, ...  student  


The daily fight in my house is over now, as per your instructions I rarely reply back the same day when we are having a fight. My husband cools down and my kids are no more traumatised. Thank you again Dr Pam (anil proag). Soonita ...Lawyer  


When you said you will be present during the interview I could not understand. But I felt your presence and was very much encouraged and fearless. Luckily I got that promotion at the bank. Love you. Sameer, ... Bank executive.  


Your Distance Healing saved my job in the Cruise ship that I am working as I was always so tired and sleepless. Thank you and sorry for calling you long distance so many times from different countries. Shanti.. .Room attendant  


You changed the life of my son with your clinical hypnotherapy system. Although it was costly your hypnosis subconscious reprogramming changed everything. My sons’ demand for money daily, hitting me often, not going to the college, coming late at night, being suspended from classes and his brutal language, all completely changed to better. Even all his very bad friends are gone. Thank you, thank you and thank you Dr Pam. Solange,... a desperate mother.  


I love you and bless you. You saved my home from divorce. My wife had already left me, as she was exhausted from my drinking, gambling and daily fights, but your several sessions of PLR (Past life Regression), Karma Cleansing and your very powerful Tabiz brought my wife back home. My friends do not understand this 360 degrees change. YOU are a very special healer and even brought back my jinn. Ismael, ... Chief Executive


Because of problem with the other women, my wife also started having an affair. My job at the hotel was suffering. My friends had left me. My kids were not talking to me. I was as if under a spell and everything was going wrong. Your Talismans, daily prayer and Tapping sessions with counselling saved my Job. The other women left the country and my family got united. I was able to save my Job. Dr Pam because of your treatments and prayers I am me again. Thankyou. Paul,... Hotel manager