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Tapping for money 


This is a very important topic for those of you who feel as if you are still struggling with financial concerns. There is a bit of a "catch" to attracting abundance when you are in fact truly poor in your bank account. As frustrating as it sounds, you can't get wealthy if you feel poor.  I know, it's very challenging, but you have to find a way to FEEL wealthy! So how do you do it if you aren't flush with money or if the bills seem exceedingly high? 

You move your attention to other subjects where you can conjure up the feeling of prosperity. So, let's say you are financially poor; there is no disputing this fact. You must find an area in your life where you can genuinely point to abundance. Then you must focus on it, and then really get into the feeling of it. This will change your vibration to feeling wealthy. Once you feel wealthy, you can start attracting the wealth (of money, friends, and opportunities) that you want in your life. 

So here are the steps:
(1) Choose a subject/area of your life, where you feel wealthy and abundant now. (Friends, books, your stamp collection...)
(2) Talk about it, write about it, and think about it.
(3) Notice the change in your vibration.
(4) keep your focus here, (not on the shrinking funds.)
(5) Really FEEL this vibration of enough, plenty, abundance...


The EFT SETUP Phrases for this topic are as follows: 

While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, (or change the words to fit your exact situation). 

"Even though I don't feel wealthy in any area of my life, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway." 

"Even though I'm afraid I will never be or feel wealthy, I choose to feel rich enough right now." 

"Even though I feel poor and don't expect it to change, I choose to notice the amazing abundance and prosperity in my life." 


I have indicated where to tap while saying each of the phrases below. You may repeat this round more than once if you wish.  


***Now, for the phrases that focus on the problem***  

Eyebrow:   "As usual, I feel very poor." 

Side of Eye: "I don't have enough of what I want." 

Under Eye:"I'm afraid I won't ever be wealthy." 

Nose:   "I don't know how to get wealthy." 

Chin:   "What if nothing changes?" 

Collarbone:   "I don't know how to feel or be rich." 

Under Arm:"I don't know how others do it!" 

Head:   "I feel desperate about my finances!" 


***Now for the positive focus on the solution*** 

Eyebrow:   "I love knowing we are all meant to be abundant." 

Side of Eye:"I know there are many areas in my life full of joy and prosperity." 

Under Eye:"I appreciate the abundance I already have in certain areas of my life." 

Nose:   "I choose to believe we are all worthy of abundance." 

Chin:   "I enjoy recognizing the prosperity in my life." 

Collarbone:   "I choose to see all the opulence around me." 

Under Arm:"I am grateful for all the abundance and love in my life." 

Head:   "I love knowing that receiving abundance is good for me, for you and for all of us." 

 You can try it on your own but the effect and results are great in group and in a class by a Master

Then tap on the following phrases as you complete one more round: 

I love knowing we all deserve abundance...  


I choose to believe in the guidance I am receiving...  


I appreciate the prosperity in my life... 


I love appreciating my friends...  


I'm grateful for all the new opportunities for abundance...  


I feel free to appreciate my life...  


I appreciate exactly who I am...  


I am so grateful for my newfound belief in prosperity.     

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I am including the same Abundance Game. It is very worthwhile, so I encourage those of you who might have skipped it last time, to try it now. 

CASH COMFORT: Here is a fun game to try: Write out a check made payable to yourself for 10,000 rupees. Notice what feelings you have about this, what doubts you feel about whether depositing this amount in your account is possible or not. Tap on any feelings you have while holding this check in your hand. Then move up in rupees amounts... Write the next check out for 25,000 rupees, then 50,000 rupees, then 100,000 rupees, then 1,000,000 rupees, all the while tapping on the anxious feelings you have about receiving this amount of money. 

If you feel as if you do not deserve the money, you have identified a clear block that you need to neutralize before any more money is going to materialize in your life. Use tapping phrases such as  

"Even though I still don't feel deserving..I deeply and completely accept myself." 

Remember what the metaphysical texts say about consciousness: You will attract into your exterior life what you are vibrating in your internal consciousness. If you see yourself as someone who never makes more than 500,000 rupees a year, that's what will manifest in your life. 

Pay close attention to the feelings that surface while you are writing out these checks. (Some of you will need to start with smaller amounts such as 500 or 1,000.) The point is to get so relaxed while holding these large checks made payable to you that you loosen any resistance you have about accepting financial abundance


Let's Pretend:   This tip falls into the category of "so simple" that people tend to dismiss it. This works nicely with the above suggestions for how to feel wealthy even when you're not. Pretend you have one of those wonderful "things" you want in your life. Let's say it's a new house or apartment. Imagine that you have this new home now, but ignore how you got the money or how you bought the house. What you need to focus on is the feeling you get because you are acting as if you already have it. (Of course you can do this exercise around the issue of your health or a partner as well!) 

So FEEL what it feels like to be living in this wonderful house. When the yes, and buts’ intrude, ignore them and go back to feeling the joy of being in this fabulous home. Some of you may want to start smaller, with having a new outfit, with being out of debt, or with enjoying your new car. Whichever you choose, remember, focus on the feeling of having it and enjoying it, not how you are going to get it. I believe that is one of the biggest mistakes people make: focusing on how they are going to travel rather than the glorious feeling of having arrived. 

This next tip is also from the last newsletter. I was surprised by how many people don't have EFT as part of their daily routine, so I chose to repeat it. 

Set aside 5 minutes, 3 times a day and tap on any uncomfortable feelings you have had throughout your day. Tap for any remaining anger at your boss, irritation with your spouse, annoyance at the kids, and anxiety about work, money or your health, etc. The point is to make tapping a routine in your life .  This is such a simple tip and so worthwhile, but many people resist it due to blocks about getting over their emotional conflicts. Do you have blocks about getting well? Getting better? Becoming more financially stable? Keep tapping... 








Dr anil kumar proag

  GOT HER PERIODS.    One of my customers who came for healing was very disturbed as she had not got her period for 3 months. She was sick and angry against her husband for not being careful. They had tried the abortion drug and injection which their doctor has prescibed. After listening to their story I said why not try EFT. I showed her the tapping points, did tapping on her and asked her to do tapping daily. The next day she informed me that she had got her periods.


TOOTH ACHE.     She came to me weeping after extracting her tooth from the dentists. I asked her to relax on the sofa and her tears was flowing. There was blood in her mouth. She was swearing at the dentist of how he roughly pulled her tooth. I just told her to close her eyes and started tapping on her. After a few tapings I saw she fell asleep. When she woke up after nearly an hour she told me all her pain and swellings had gone. 


FAMILY FIGHT. He had a fight with his In-Laws and he was very disturbed. I could feel it from his voice on the phone. I gave him the tapping instruction on the phone and did the tapping on myself together with him. After a few minutes he told me that he was fine and feeling good. Later I came to know he had tried suicide because of in-laws daily intrusion in his life. He is very happy with me for saving his life. And the best part is he thinks I was doing some MAGIC. I am used to Reiki Distance Healing on the phone but this is my first time tapping on the phone. It is really magic and Awesome.


T IGHT JAWS.   She is suffering since a month and she has tried all doctors and pain killers drug. She is my astrology customer. When she came to my office her face was swollen. I did the tapings on her and taught her the basic taping points. She felt immediate relief and then I asked her to continue the tapings at home. Imagine my relief when she called me the next day , said the swellings were gone with the pain and she is feeling very well.  


STRESS AND ANXIETY IN OFFICE.     She was very disturbed and stressed because while coming to office she saw her boyfriend going out with another girl. She was trembling, full of anger and talking fast. I calmed her and asked her to tap with me on the phone after explaining the basic tapping points. After a few tapings she calmed down and later she called me again to thank me of her great relief.


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“When I was made aware of “tapping” through a trusted friend, I was eager to learn and to try. I should mention that I am the original sceptic. When the first words of a round confirmed my fears I wondered ‘how can these work’. Then things started to happen. I became aware of how to resolve a long-standing family disagreement. Then I became aware of how to handle an employee problem. The resolutions just appeared in my mind as a fait accompli so I realized that I had known all along but that “tapping” showed me how. Now I know how fortunate I was in finding Dr Anil proag my EFT Master. His leading words are absolutely perfect, well formed, and the answers to my dilemmas happen naturally. He is a knowledgeable, well trained EFT Practitioner, as well as a genuinely sensitive, compassionate person. I recommend his skills to anyone seeking to understand and resolve current or long term problems. Any pain, sickness, financial and couples problem are solved easily. Dr Anil Proag has solutions for every problem. I love him, Thank you.”  
~Avinash Callichurn, Terre rouge.  


"I was going down a road of confusion, and bitterness, and pain, and darkness, and this Dr PAM (ANIL PROAG) literally saved my life. This person who works with Angels and Guides has solutions for any and all the problems " – Esha.. Bank manager.


"This is probably the most relaxing and rejuvenation 3 days I've had in years after my PAST LIFE REGRESSION. I feel completely renewed, like I am ready to take on the world." Dr Pam(Anil k Proag), thank you. 2 hours at 8000/- was worth it --Paul ...AUTHOR  


"Since the day I finished MY WEIGT LOSS TREATMENT, I have felt absolutely more energized, more focused, younger than I have in many years. I lost about 13 lbs. which I've kept off, I have more energy, I wake up more easily, I stopped taking Ambien sleeping pills" --Frank ...Flight Attendant  


Thank you so much for guiding me to make the right decisions in choosing my career and getting admission to the University. Faisal, ...  student  


The daily fight in my house is over now, as per your instructions I rarely reply back the same day when we are having a fight. My husband cools down and my kids are no more traumatised. Thank you again Dr Pam (anil proag). Soonita ...Lawyer  


When you said you will be present during the interview I could not understand. But I felt your presence and was very much encouraged and fearless. Luckily I got that promotion at the bank. Love you. Sameer, ... Bank executive.  


Your Distance Healing saved my job in the Cruise ship that I am working as I was always so tired and sleepless. Thank you and sorry for calling you long distance so many times from different countries. Shanti.. .Room attendant  


You changed the life of my son with your clinical hypnotherapy system. Although it was costly your hypnosis subconscious reprogramming changed everything. My sons’ demand for money daily, hitting me often, not going to the college, coming late at night, being suspended from classes and his brutal language, all completely changed to better. Even all his very bad friends are gone. Thank you, thank you and thank you Dr Pam. Solange,... a desperate mother.  


I love you and bless you. You saved my home from divorce. My wife had already left me, as she was exhausted from my drinking, gambling and daily fights, but your several sessions of PLR (Past life Regression), Karma Cleansing and your very powerful Tabiz brought my wife back home. My friends do not understand this 360 degrees change. YOU are a very special healer and even brought back my jinn. Ismael, ... Chief Executive


Because of problem with the other women, my wife also started having an affair. My job at the hotel was suffering. My friends had left me. My kids were not talking to me. I was as if under a spell and everything was going wrong. Your Talismans, daily prayer and Tapping sessions with counselling saved my Job. The other women left the country and my family got united. I was able to save my Job. Dr Pam because of your treatments and prayers I am me again. Thankyou. Paul,... Hotel manager